Team Schedule

Date Activity Time Team Location Game Result
Total Activities: 13
01/11/2020Game10:00 AM(2) Ballard Safety (Tith)RSC-NLoss
01/22/2020Game8:00 PM(6) Lovo Landscapes (Lasure)RSC-SLoss
01/28/2020Game8:00 PM(7) All About Plumbing (Finzel)RSC-W
02/01/2020Game2:00 PM(4) Jiffy Lube (Burleson)RSC-S
02/02/2020Game2:00 PM(5) Tripps Flooring (Shallis)RSC-S
02/08/2020Game9:00 AM(1) Allegheny Farm Landscape (Yurish)RSC-S
02/12/2020Game8:00 PM(2) Ballard Safety (Tith)RSC-N
02/15/2020Game3:00 PM(6) Lovo Landscapes (Lasure)RSC-N
02/19/2020Game8:00 PM(5) Tripps Flooring (Shallis)RSC-N
02/25/2020Game8:00 PM(3) State Farm (Roblee)RSC-E
02/29/2020Game12:00 PM(7) All About Plumbing (Finzel)RSC-S
03/03/2020Game8:00 PM(4) Jiffy Lube (Burleson)RSC-W
03/04/2020Game8:00 PM(3) State Farm (Roblee)RSC-N


Division Standings

Boys 5/6
Allegheny Farm Landscape (Yurish)3-0-01.000
Ballard Safety (Tith)2-1-00.667
Tripps Flooring (Shallis)4-3-00.571
Lovo Landscapes (Lasure)1-1-00.500

Team Staff

Christina Morris | Head Coach
(304) 707-5278

Team Forms

No Team Forms

Team Announcements

Christmas Tournament
Wednesday, December 11, 2019 4:58 PM sent by: Courtney Layhew
The Christmas Tournament is now online!
Draft Times for Sunday - Dec. 1st
Friday, November 29, 2019 12:43 PM sent by: OTB Team
RCS Draft this Sunday - Boys 3/4 1pm - Girls 3/4 3pm - Boys 5/6 5pm. Arrive 15 minutes early to get your draft number.
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