Team Schedule

Date Activity Time Team Location Game Result
Total Activities: 12
01/05/2020Game1:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)RSC-NWin
01/11/2020Game10:00 AM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)RSC-SWin
01/19/2020Game1:00 PM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)RSC-NWin
01/26/2020Game1:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)RSC-NWin
02/02/2020Game2:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)RSC-N
02/08/2020Game9:00 AM(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N
02/16/2020Game1:00 PM(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N
02/23/2020Game4:00 PM(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N
02/29/2020Game9:00 AM(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N
03/01/2020Game1:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)RSC-N
03/09/2020Game5:45 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)RSC-S
03/14/2020Game9:00 AM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)RSC-N


Division Standings

WHARTHOGS (Wharton)4-0-01.000
S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)2-2-00.500
D&D Meats (Shallis)2-2-00.500
BB&T Bank (Flores)1-3-00.250
Fargo Ins. (Brown)3-1-00.750
Pizza Oven (Wilfong)3-1-00.750
M&M Simmental (Barshinger)0-4-00.000
Arndt McBee (Price)1-3-00.250
State Farm (Keeney)1-3-00.250
Kids Kount (Blake)3-1-00.750

Team Staff

Eric Wharton | Head Coach
(301) 254-4830

Team Forms

No Team Forms

Team Announcements

Christmas Tournament
Wednesday, December 11, 2019 4:58 PM sent by: Courtney Layhew
The Christmas Tournament is now online!
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