Game Schedule

Date Start Time Visitor Home Location Result Status Note
Total Games: 59
Sun, Jan 051:00 PM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)RSC-N30-2Played
Sun, Jan 052:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N14-17Played
Sun, Jan 053:00 PM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N13-9Played
Sun, Jan 054:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N15-0Played
Sun, Jan 055:00 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N14-6Played
Sat, Jan 119:00 AM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-S15-10Played
Sat, Jan 1110:00 AM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)RSC-S16-11Played
Sat, Jan 1111:00 AM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-S3-4Played
Sat, Jan 1112:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-S12-3Played
Sat, Jan 111:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-S14-10Played
Sun, Jan 191:00 PM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)RSC-N24-8Played
Sun, Jan 192:00 PM(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N2-18Played
Sun, Jan 193:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N18-14Played
Sun, Jan 194:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N16-4Played
Sun, Jan 195:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)RSC-N10-22Played
Sun, Jan 261:00 PM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)RSC-N24-17Played
Sun, Jan 262:00 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N17-19Played
Sun, Jan 263:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)RSC-N19-10Played
Sun, Jan 264:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N5-4Played
Sun, Jan 265:00 PM(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N0-2Played
Sun, Feb 021:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)RSC-N27-17Played
Sun, Feb 022:00 PM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)RSC-N20-3Played
Sun, Feb 023:00 PM(8) Arndt McBee (Price)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N13-8Played
Sun, Feb 024:00 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)RSC-N8-12Played
Sun, Feb 025:00 PM(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N2-2Played
Sat, Feb 089:00 AM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N32-8Played
Sat, Feb 0810:00 AM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N18-6Played
Sat, Feb 0811:00 AM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)RSC-N24-5Played
Sat, Feb 0812:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)RSC-N12-11Played
Sat, Feb 081:00 PM(8) Arndt McBee (Price)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N6-6Played
Sun, Feb 161:00 PM(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N18-6Played
Sun, Feb 162:00 PM(9) State Farm (Keeney)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N6-8Played
Sun, Feb 163:00 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)RSC-N16-9Played
Sun, Feb 164:00 PM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)RSC-N20-14Played
Sun, Feb 165:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N18-2Played
Sat, Feb 299:00 AM(10) Kids Kount (Blake)(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)RSC-N14-21Played
Sat, Feb 2910:00 AM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N1-0Played
Sat, Feb 2911:00 AM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N10-7Played
Sat, Feb 2912:00 PM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N14-1Played
Sat, Feb 291:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)RSC-N21-14Played
Sun, Mar 011:00 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)RSC-N4-10Played
Sun, Mar 012:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-N5-18Played
Sun, Mar 013:00 PM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N9-9Played
Sun, Mar 014:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N27-3Played
Sun, Mar 015:00 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-N11-8Played
Mon, Mar 095:45 PM(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)(1) WHARTHOGS (Wharton)RSC-S12-24Played
Mon, Mar 096:00 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N9-16Played
Mon, Mar 096:30 PM(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)(10) Kids Kount (Blake)RSC-S15-16Played
Mon, Mar 097:00 PM(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)RSC-N13-2Played
Mon, Mar 097:15 PM(4) BB&T Bank (Flores)(9) State Farm (Keeney)RSC-S14-7Played
Mon, Mar 166:00 PM(9) State Farm (Keeney)(8) Arndt McBee (Price)RSC-N0-0POSTPONED
Mon, Mar 166:00 PM(7) M&M Simmental (Barshinger)(6) Pizza Oven (Wilfong)RSC-S0-0POSTPONED
Wed, Mar 185:45 PMWinner of G11st seedRSC-N0-0POSTPONED
Wed, Mar 185:45 PM(10) Kids Kount (Blake)(3) D&D Meats (Shallis)RSC-S0-0POSTPONED
Wed, Mar 186:30 PMWinner of G22nd seedRSC-N0-0POSTPONED
Wed, Mar 187:15 PM(5) Fargo Ins. (Brown)(2) S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)RSC-N0-0POSTPONED
Fri, Mar 206:00 PMWinner G3Winner G5RSC-N0-0POSTPONED
Fri, Mar 206:00 PMWinner G4Winner G6RSC-S0-0POSTPONED
Sun, Mar 221:00 PMWinner of G8Winner of G7RSC-N0-0POSTPONEDChampionship


WHARTHOGS (Wharton)10-0-01.000
BB&T Bank (Flores)6-3-10.650
D&D Meats (Shallis)6-4-00.600
Kids Kount (Blake)6-4-00.600
S.B. Pharmacy (Lawn)6-4-00.600
Fargo Ins. (Brown)5-5-00.500
Pizza Oven (Wilfong)4-6-00.400
Arndt McBee (Price)3-5-20.400
State Farm (Keeney)1-7-20.200
M&M Simmental (Barshinger)0-9-10.050
Girls 3/4
Rise Above (White-Trammel)10-3-00.769
Malloy Ford (Hoyler)10-4-00.714
Butler's Electric (Herndon)5-8-00.385
Personal Reflections (Dusing)2-12-00.143
Boys 3/4
Heritage Hall (Walker)13-0-01.000
Brant Electric (Hudson)10-3-00.769
Four Corners (Wiley)9-5-00.643
Viva Mexico (Bender)8-6-00.571
Air National Guard (Cochran)5-8-00.385
Firefighters Local 8 (Chapman)5-8-00.385
BE WOKE ENTERPRISES (Coffman)3-10-00.231
Les's Auto (Kammerdiener)0-13-00.000
Girls 5/6
O'roke Photography (Cox)14-0-01.000
Taylor's Farm Market (Dusing)11-3-00.786
K.E.S. Construction (Stanley)8-6-00.571
Lane Enterprise (Bennett)6-8-00.429
Kids Kount (Depew)3-11-00.214
Rankin Physical Therapy (Conner)0-14-00.000
Boys 5/6
Tripps Flooring (Shallis)12-1-00.923
Allegheny Farm Landscape (Yurish)9-5-00.643
State Farm (Roblee)9-5-00.643
Ballard Safety (Tith)8-5-00.615
All About Plumbing (Finzel)7-6-00.538
Lovo Landscapes (Lasure)5-8-00.385
Jiffy Lube (Burleson)3-11-00.214
Geremy's Warriors (Morris)1-13-00.071
Boys 7/8
His & Hers Hardware (Leonard)14-0-01.000
Shelton Tree Service (Showe)8-6-00.571
Famous Pawn (Harrold)7-7-00.500
Winchester Boxing (Draves)7-7-00.500
Bechdel Jewelers (Walker)6-8-00.429
Jones Ins (Hill)0-14-00.000
Boys 9/10
All About Plumbing (Harrold)10-1-00.909
Sheetz (Berry)9-2-00.818
THUNDERHOGS (Thunderhawk)9-2-00.818
No Retreat Arms (Dysinger)6-5-00.545
Beaver's Towing (Golliday)5-6-00.455
Ron's Tires (Zittle)4-7-00.364
Roc's (Murphy)1-10-00.091
Heritage Hall (Arnold)0-11-00.000
Boys 11/12
Eagle Speed (Waters)10-0-10.955
Virtuous Hair Studio (Webster)8-3-00.727
Pepsi (Rudy)3-8-00.273
Olde Country Diner (Wright)0-10-10.045